I raised in the ’80/90 and I am part of that generation that started very early to fight against mafia, looking at it as a limit for our beautiful land and new generations like mine.
This made me very sensitive to injustices and the protection of minorities and vulnerable people.

If I look back at my summers, I remember them as sea and salty skin, night singing Italian music while my father playing the guitar, and film cameras around us. I can’t be more grateful for those memories that my father’s Minolta and Kodak cameras gave to us. I think that was the moment I started to love photography and integrate it as part of my daily life and started to be a lover of nostalgia and memories.


I am an esthete, I love beauty and I look for it everywhere around me. I love to travel, coffee, French bakeries, Italian food, cities and urban vibes and architecture.
I am definitely a “quality over quantity” person.
I have a funny six years old son and since I am a mother, I value even more photography. Time flies and I always find myself looking at photos and say: “gosh, when this time has passed? I was so young and beautiful!”.
Photography is a true gift.


To me, being your wedding photographer is not about your wedding style, it's about our connection.
I love feel connected with my couples and make my presence not intrusive but comfortable for them.
I will be by your side not only to document the whole wedding day through my vision, but also to be that supportive look or smile when you will need.

My purpose is - through my images - narrating your essence; giving you the confidence to feel yourself during the process and reflecting them in the result.
Indeed, being discreet and friendly at the same time make you feel comfortable and enjoy your wedding day without thinking about photography, which thing helps a lot to have the most natural and candid images.

I believe in the honesty and raw emotions and this is why I want that my photos reflect the real moments you lived and you as you really are.
With the same purpose, I avoid trends and I embrace an elegant and sensitive editing, which reflect the real colors and lights and assure the timelessness of the images.

"My desire is to preserve the sense of people's lives, to endow them with the strength and beauty I see in them. I want the people in my pictures to stare back" Nan Goldin

from my couples:


When I started planning my wedding, I was hoping to find the perfect photographer. I looked for and fell in love with Valeria's poetic and emotional photos. I loved the shadows and lights especially. When I started interacting with Valeria I realized her kindness and empathy, she was never judgmental. He is an extraordinary person and I was delighted to have her by my side on my wedding day. I am always delighted to follow her work, and I can only advise you to work with her.

Cloé & Christophe

We highly recommend Valeria for your special event! She is so easy going, makes everyone feel comfortable, and is so fun to be around! On top of all that, her photography style is amazingly elegant! She went above and beyond on our wedding day to capture all the special moments in a beautiful and unique way. We can’t say enough good words about her!

Valerie & Matt

We were planning to get married in September 2020, but like many other couples the pandemic forced us to postpone our wedding twice. Being a photographer myself, the most important step was choosing not just a wedding photographer, but an artist, someone who would have captured the “essence”. And we can honestly say that we made the right call! Once we met Valeria, we knew it. We perceived her sensitivity immediately, as a photographer and as a woman. No one would have painted that light and its many meanings and emotions with such intensity and grace like she did.
We would like to thank Valeria not only for being the best and most sensitive photographer we could hope for, but also for her support and friendship in this wonderful and sometimes difficult journey. Somehow along the way and despite the distance she became a precious person to talk to. Our trust was well paid and those memories will last forever. We couldn't ask for anything else or anyone better! She was a pure delight, everything was natural and stress free just as we wanted.
We were lucky enough to cross her path, but it was a privilege to know her.
If you want something spontaneous and poetic, creative and unique, elegant and truly beautiful look no further. She won't let you down.
Thank you, our dearest Valeria from the bottom of our hearts for "being you" and for picturing "just us", for understanding and portraying our souls, for stopping the time and making those unrepeatable moments eternal.
Forever grateful

Mariasanta & Riccardo

Valeria has been able to give all of herself since the first meeting. In her I was able to find passion, sensitivity, infinite humility and sweetness. Valeria is a transparent person, and where the world finds flaws, she always finds beauty and points of inspiration. She is always ready to reconsider, adapt, and walk in step with the times but above all with the hearts that he finds in front of her. That's why, in his photos, you will always find the world of those who expose themselves in front of her lens. Our marriage couldn't have been more enriched if you weren't there. Thank you very much Vale.

Alessia & Davide

We love all the pictures that Valeria sent to us. She specially has such an eye for details and capturing important and emotional moments. We are super grateful.

Shoma & Filip

Sicily wedding venue villa tasca

We have chosen Valeria to tell our story.
Since the first meeting he has transmitted all his passion for photography to us.
With her sweetness, her patience and her courtesy she integrated perfectly with us and our guests, a true professional who managed to grasp every nuance.
We wanted photos that would leave us with an indelible memory and that could capture our emotions.
The photos he gave us are splendid, natural, spontaneous,
and as soon as we saw them we got excited.
Thank you Valeria!

Luana & Salvo


Contact me to ask me anything and tell about your wedding day.
I will be happy to give you all the informations you need and schedule a video call if required.