I met Camille & Jonatan some years ago for a couple session as photographer in Granada.

We both were living in Andalusia and it was just during the photo session in Granada city center that they told me that they will move to Barcelona.

Actually, they move after a few months and they said me good bye with a promise: we will call you when we will get married, and it will be soon.

It was three years ago, in 2018 and they call me again in 2019 to tell me that they was organizing their wedding for May 2020.

Unfortunately, 2020 has big bad surprises for all of us and they decide to postpone to September of the same here. So, as they couldn’t celebrate as they have planned – with a big party and family and friends coming from Andalusia and France – due to the restriction, they matain the wedding but in a intimate way and a symbolic rings change in Barcelona city center.

She has worn her romantic Cymbeline gown and Julia Coral curated her make up and hairstyle.

They decided to getting ready at the Midmost Hotel and then we walked through the city center to pronounce their vows in the very heart of the city, next to the Barcelona gothic cathedral.

They was very touched in many moments of the afternoon we spent together and I am happy to have captured this emotion and give them this memory for the rest of their life.